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 The Moon is in Pisces

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PostSubject: The Moon is in Pisces   Thu Oct 01, 2009 1:52 pm

Oct 01, Thursday. The Moon is in Pisces approaching retrograde Uranus (24 Pisces 03) with Mercury (22 Virgo) and Saturn (26 Virgo) opposite. Mercury opposes Uranus exactly on October 4 and conjuncts Saturn in a visible morning sky appearance on October 7. Messenger Mercury in Virgo conjunct Saturn reminds us of the ongoing restructuring (Saturn) of the sacred web of life (Virgo) in ways that promote greater health and well being with the change agent Uranus assisting through revolutionizing the domain of radical compassion. Radical compassion includes radical acceptance of ourselves and whatever life experiences we are having no matter how difficult without having to fix or change anything.

Allowing for what IS in a safe and accepting space facilitates the possibility of deep and profound healing. Radical acceptance may feel counter intuitive to the way we have been trained to respond to crisis and yet it may be what is most needed to catalyze a breakthrough to a whole new way of experiencing life. When we experience total acceptance – we also experience a natural catalyst for the possibility of turning our pain and dis-ease into wisdom and strength. (See October 31)

There is great wisdom in acceptance of what IS on the path of co-creating our reality. The fascinating paradox of the co-creative process is the encounter with experiences beyond our control that have nothing to do with the state of our thoughts or feelings. From the reality of our limited human experience we do NOT always have control over all life events. For example, there are natural disasters like earthquakes, hurricanes, and tornados. There are also experiences such as global economic crisis, jobs disappearing when companies fail, or the death of a loved one.

We also seemingly do not have control over the life circumstances we are born into or the genetic advantages or disadvantages we may face. Some people are naturally healthy and strong while others may be prone to illness or missing limbs or eyesight or other physical attributes we take for granted. Yes, we chose the circumstances of our birth from the wisdom or our higher Self before being born and then forgot why at birth. However, whatever the reason for choosing those circumstances it came from a higher wisdom and it wasn’t because we were being punished for some misdeed in the past. It may have been to learn forgiveness, or acceptance, or self-love, or compassion or a mulititude of other reasons.

Regardless of what the cosmic reasons may be the beyond our control situations we encounter provide us with an opportunity to grow when we are willing to choose acceptance while embracing our humanity.

If you are experiencing circumstances beyond your control that feel unfair (Saturn) then now is the time to listen to the message Mercury is bringing you and the reminder that through radical compassion (Uranus) for yourself, your whole assemblage point can shift to a new experience even though the outer circumstances remain seemingly the same. We can always choose to accept what IS even if we don’t like it and often that is the key to creating the assemblage point shift that liberates us from the belief that we are not good enough just the way we are.

Oct 02, Friday. Mercury (22 Virgo) and Venus (15 Virgo) are moving to conjunct Saturn and oppose Uranus in the next few days and the Moon is exactly (24 Pisces) conjunct Uranus today. (See October 1) Today also opens the Aries Full Moon Window exact tomorrow at 11:10 pm Pacific Time. This is the Full Moon of the committed Warrior who upholds and protects the cosmic order of life. The Egyptian Goddess Sekhmet is a great example of one who is actively committed to upholding and maintaining the law of Maat (sacred cosmic law). Sekhmet is a fierce lion headed goddess who was sent to Earth by her father RA to restore balance and order among the people.

Her name is derived from Sekhem, an ancient Egyptian word meaning “power or might”. Sekhmet carries the power to transform through inspired action intended to support the fulfillment of Divine Will. This is a time to take inspired action designed to further whatever cause you feel most committed to engaging. Any action that supports this intent is worthwhile. It might help to chant Sekhmet’s mantra as a way to increase and balance our inner divine power. The mantra is Sa Sekhem Sahu. The words break down to these meanings…Sa (Sah) the breath of life - Sekhem (Say-Kem) the sacred might or power - Sahu (Sah-Hoo) the fully realized human being.


Jungian astrologer Cathy Pagano writes,
"Do we use our remarkable creativity and imagination to keep the old king propped up, or do we let him die so new life and a new philosophy about life can emerge?"
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The Moon is in Pisces
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