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 Full Moon in Pisces

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PostSubject: Full Moon in Pisces   Fri Sep 04, 2009 6:00 am

Full Moon in Pisces, September 4/5, 2009
Heart Surges
By Molly Hall, About.com

Supernatural Moon

The Full Moon is in Pisces, the sign of dissolving into the All. We may feel "someplace else" as we float through the day. It's the most otherworldly Full Moon, when what's illuminated is the spiritual Self and its true destiny. And there's a chance to see how that path can be in service of a greater cause. Pisces kindles a sense of spiritual devotion, compassion and what's called "unity consciousness" -- a sense that all life is interdependent.

This intensifies spiritual longings and gives us super psychic powers for these nights. Dreams may seem oh so real, giving us a suspicion that we live in many dimensions. The emotional intensity of this Full Moon takes us to states of ecstasy, or to feelings of lostness.

Pisces is boundary less and boundless, and this can be disturbing. We pick up on every harsh or chaotic vibe. It's a good idea to avoid crowds, since the mood of the moment can be like a great wavy undertow. People may freak out, so if you're sensitive like me, you'll seek out a sheltered spot this Full Moon.

Second Sight

So we've got the Full Moon in Pisces in opposition to the Sun in Virgo. This polarity is the play of devotion, service, self-sacrifice. The questions come up about what you're bound in service to, and whether it fits with your life calling. Pisces straddles two worlds -- the tangible physical and the unseen metaphysical. The volume is turned up on the hearts longing, and desires to break free of limitations, to fulfill your mission! It's easier to see how labels, roles, masks are pasted on loosely, and not as fixed as we thought. That makes it a time for revelation, of the truth of the soul and its needs. And it can be a time of letting go of flimsy habits or quirks of personality.

Practical Magic

The Sun in Virgo weighs the messages coming through against the realities of the day. There's strong tension between the urge to break free, and the day-to-day limitations, burdens, responsibilities. This is heightened by the Saturn (in Virgo) opposition to Uranus (in Pisces). The emphasis this Full Moon is between the same ole vs the innovative, duty vs freedom, authority figures vs rebels, the spiritual vs the material.

And yet, these two energies -- Pisces and Virgo -- are natural allies when held in balance. As we experience shocks to the heart with Uranus in Pisces, through collective crisis, the grounded earthy smarts of Virgo helps us put back the pieces. The busting open of all this emotion can be faced with Virgoan simplicity and ability to heal. What's unleashed can be purified, detoxed, transmuted, refined as we scramble for a new sense of wholeness.

Mastery of Our Daily Lives

As we lose it completely, the practicality of Virgo gives us the wherewithal to keep trying by tending to the details. What can you do today that will enhance your sense of well being? Drink more water? Smell some tea tree oil? It's time for disciplined action for health, seriously, that is Saturn's message being driven home in Virgo.

There is no way to coast through this time of crisis with compromised health. It leaves us confused, scattered, exhausted, overwrought. Take one action this Full Moon that is a big Yes! to your spiritual-emotional-physical wellness, and you'll send a powerful sign to the universe. You're ready to mutate into your best Self!

Truth and Consequences

Another theme this Full Moon is discernment in a time of deception. The Saturn-Uranus opposition actually helps us look at what's happening logically, as an antidote to the mass hysteria. This gets amped up with Mercury in Libra square to Pluto, as we are challenged to really see below the surface of "reality." Is there an agenda behind what is presented as the collective narrative (in news, from politicians)? Is there a whole other story under the surface?

Pluto invites probing detective work, so that the fullest version of reality is uncovered. There is danger implied here, because it is a grave lack of trust in what those in authority have to say (Pluto in Capricorn). The square to Mercury sets the stage for "propaganda" by official figures, all in the pursuit of a hidden agenda. Each of us may have to make life/death decisions based on our relationship (trust) to entities in control. It's painful to wake up to certain realities, but ultimately it could lead to a purging of what's become institutionalized violence and corruption. You have a choice....you can say No to what's dangerous and yes to life!

The Dark Side Makes Us Grow

There are going to be stressful times this month, with many squares and oppositions causing great growing pains. This Full Moon in "devoted" mutable signs is a chance to surrender to a higher power, to open to being re-arranged. It's time to master your own energies, starting with your personal boundaries. And to know what terrors and fears you've got to face. We become less vulnerable to manipulation by others when we've faced our own demons and addictions. These two private signs invite us to retreat into rich solitude, to quiet the mind-body-spirit, and take steps to healing.

The Full Moon is high energy, and this is a chance to realign yourself with the purest intention. What is your gift to bring to the world? Perhaps it's as an artist, or a builder of homes, or as a teacher. As you free up energies entangled in the past, karma, addictions, bad habits, you have more to give to your real life dream. You can put your whole Self into what you're doing. You are set free from prisons self-created or from social conditioning. You are free to hear a higher call, and make progress (small steps count!) on your path to becoming.

Shocking Times

We are all dealing with upheaval and loss of what we've known. It's a vulnerable moment for humanity, when the collapse brings opportunities and dangers. This Full Moon we can start ourselves first, and take a look at where we are. All we can do sometimes is put one foot in front of the other. Reach out to spirit to be held and comforted under this powerful Full Moon. And ask for dreams of guidance for that next right step.

Jungian astrologer Cathy Pagano writes,
"Do we use our remarkable creativity and imagination to keep the old king propped up, or do we let him die so new life and a new philosophy about life can emerge?"
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Full Moon in Pisces
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