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Cosmic Weather Report:
Spiritual Outlaws

Putney, Vermont: August, 2010

Listen to Mark read this month's report

Throughout August the Dark God Pluto dances with five other planets in a series of aspects designed to get you through your hurdles to something golden. Whatever secrets you've been stuffing become unstuffed to expose skeletons in your closet. Whatever truths you've been running from it's time to turn and face. Whatever lies you've been telling yourself are being battered by twin forces of inner and outer evolution.
Dealing with the Duchess of Death is rarely fun and easy because Pluto's midnight realm descends several layers beneath surface awareness. It always requires a death of sorts to get down deep enough, death of your fond illusions, death of who you wanted to be, death of some love that's run its course.

It's not so much the truths you're aware of, but demons churning in the karmic gumbo, the soup of the soul down below, who must be faced. It's not so much the ideas you hold but their hidden roots that spawn your whole world view that must be slain by the unstoppable hand of Kali the Destroyer.

When Pluto engages this many planets in such a short time it's because the collective contract to hold ourselves back has been strained to the breaking point and it's time to die to the nightmare and get to the other side. The Dark God summons our vital force out of mass delusion into building a new world in the most crucial part of us-the primal depths within. In that dark hollow we must muster the courage to believe in something beyond the dead stories of the past. If you delve beneath those boneyards you can release your buried love for existence. You can spring your hidden core of love for the heart of the world with resurrective force.

Primal darkness, distortion and delusion are bending this way and that to snap you out of biases of the blood, free you from old karmic stories you've been following, feuding tales of loss and lack that have to give up the ghost.

To help you do this for a long time now I've been ending each monthly Cosmic Weather Report with three taglines:

Who are you really?

Are you the one waiting with infinite patience for the world to change? Are you the one who vowed to stay true to your love in the time before time? Are you sick to death at pretending to be something you're not? Who are you?

What are you here to do?

Are you here to ignite the light within you as a beacon to throw off the darkness? Are you here to claim a path of creative transformation through the end time of a false civilization? Are you here to rise above meager intellects who say it can't be done? What are you here for?

How much longer are you going to wait?

Have you run out of excuses to not be yourself or are you gonna try a few more? Are you going to let the smug lies of false experts and leaders run your life? What about the children? What further incentive do you need to soar through the rigors of incarnation as a free being?

This Plutonian sweep of the dungeons in August clears the way for the Saturn in Libra years, which began at the end of July when Saturn left Virgo. After three years stirring up the body of the Virgin, Saturn, Lord of Karma has entered the sign of Balance, where he remains until the end of 2012.

Virgo is the Get Real sign of the zodiac. Saturn in Virgo produced a necessary cleansing and purging, a self-scouring wake-up call to get us to realize how far our lives had gotten off the track of the soul. We've been summoned to get virginal by disentangling from false compromises and self-betrayals. We've been asked to gain the innocence of the child who always knew there was a simpler and purer way.

For three years Saturn's demanded we get real. Life itself has sent message after message that there are better things to do than sell your dreams for false security. Destiny has been trying to get it through our thick heads that there's a realer way to live than by lubricating the gears of a broken system. Life lessons have come thick and fast to jerk us out of mass delusion. True to Virgo, the most finely-calibrated sign, the degree of difficulty this presents to you is the precise degree your life has strayed from your inner truth and needs to be put back on track.

Now that Saturn has entered the airy Libra domain of Balance, a new phase of soul purpose is beginning and will grow stronger for the next two-and-a-half years. We're emerging out of years of self-criticism into a calling of kindred spirits to band together. We're accelerating out of Virgo's heavy earth realm of judgment toward Libra's airy realm of creative breakthrough. Having raised our awareness of what wasn't working, we're moving on to see how that too was a passing phase in the greater give and take of Universal Balance. So when imps and demons continue to poke their heads out of the woodwork now it's mostly for artistic purposes. When your awareness is drawn to how out of balance everything is, it's to ignite your creative hunger to bring something new to the world.

Between now and the end of 2012 you're invited to the great unmasking at the World Masquerade Ball. You unmask by challenging the boundaries of your imagination, pushing into open territory that transforms life into art. Let each difficulty dare you to redefine what's possible. Follow the examples of John Coltrane, the Grateful Dead at their best, and Stevie Winwood and Traffic, who blew beyond former boundaries of what music was.

Traffic created songs by living together and dropping acid and jamming for days on end with tape recorders rolling, then coming down and reviewing what they'd played, and polishing the best bits and pieces into songs they took into the studio. Each time they came out of the studio they created whole new genres, not just songs.

The Saturn in Libra years are asking you to orchestrate jagged pieces of the past into new music. The ringing gong is calling you find your tribe, claim the life you were born to live, make your life an art that's never been done before.

When a band of visionaries unites to push the boundaries of the known universe, they throw open the stuck doors of evolution for everyone. They reconfigure existence along new lines. They harness passionate devotion to the Muse into a morphic field of resonance others can enter into and there transform. In such a way we become spiritual outlaws stealing boredom and complacency from the stuck world.

Who are you really? What are you here to do?
How much longer are you going to wait?

Mark Borax

Jungian astrologer Cathy Pagano writes,
"Do we use our remarkable creativity and imagination to keep the old king propped up, or do we let him die so new life and a new philosophy about life can emerge?"
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Spiritual Outlaws
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