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 Pranic Healing

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Hawk in the Sky
Hawk in the Sky

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PostSubject: Pranic Healing   Thu Aug 20, 2009 12:29 am

Pranic Healing is an advance form of energy healing therapy. This ancient art is known to be a lifesaver to millions of people around the world. The testimonies prove that, it is only after the people experience miraculous healing, that they begin to believe that it can change their lives forever!

Grand Master Choa Kok Sui always begins his Pranic Healing sessions with a blessing of healing to manifest upon all.

If you check in the more videos box, there are links to all thirteen parts of this excellent documentary.


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Hawk in the Sky
Hawk in the Sky

Posts : 135
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Location : In the Garden of Earthly Delights

PostSubject: Re: Pranic Healing   Thu Aug 20, 2009 12:40 am

What is Pranic Healing

Prana - Life Force

Prana is a Sanskrit word, a synonym for Life energy or Vital force. In different traditions it is called and referred to by various names:

Prana – Indian. Chi - Chinese, Ruah - Hebrew, Mana - Polynesian, Ki - Japanese, Pneuma - Greek

These traditions have been existing and continue to exist to date in the mainstream. Life Force has nothing to do with a religion, sect or New Age concept. There is a central pool of energy or Life Force that can be accessed by anyone. Life force is the energy that invigorates all living beings. Without Life Force, there is simply no life.

Pranic healing is an etheric science. It has simple, practical and easy to learn techniques to heal imbalances in the Energy Body that cause ailments in the physical body, mind and in the psycho-emotional aspects. By using different frequencies of Prana, one is able to destroy energetic blockages, cleanse contamination, energize depleted areas and reconfigure negative energetic patterns in the Energy.

Since the causes of most physical, emotional, psychological and spiritual imbalances lie in the energy field, Pranic healing is particularly effective in the prevention and treatment of ailments in a non-intrusive but powerful manner. All living forms have energy fields and therefore Pranic healing can play a leading role in the improvement of health in humans, animals and plants. But furthermore, as most human activities are driven by vortices of energy, Pranic healing can be used to invigorate and energize relationships, financial investments, projects and businesses and home spaces.

The Energy Body
The etheric or energy body is also called the aura or bioplasmic body. It surrounds and interpenetrates the physical body and vivifies it. It controls the physical body and psycho-emotional and spiritual states. It has channels of energy which circulate Prana , which nourishes the system. The etheric body also stores all information, particularly the original causes of physical, emotional and mental imbalances.

We are beings of energy and light. Energy is infinite and indestructible. As Beings of Energy we are inherently very powerful and given the effective tools we can unleash this power for good health, personal development and success in life as well as to help others.

Scientists validate the existence of the energy body and Kirlian photography now provides evidence that it exists.All people have an energy body that surrounds and interpenetrates the physical body, by cleansing and energizing the energy body we can create better health, de-stress and revitalize our system.
Pranic Healing teaches us how to access & transfer Prana (life energy) from our surroundings to our energy body for rapid healing of all ailments.

The energy body has energy centres or chakras that control our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual states. The chakras are similar to power stations, providing fuel for the different systems to function effectively.

As an example, the Solar Plexus Chakra controls most of the internal organs in the abdominal cavity, such as the stomach, liver, pancreas etc. The Solar Plexus also controls our personal power in the material world. So the ability to push through difficult situations, for standing up to rights and justice is governed by the Solar Plexus. But the Solar Plexus can easily be affected by negative emotions such as anger, hatred, jealousy etc. When such emotions are experienced in a sustained way, the chakra gets congested and the effect is experienced physically as a tightness in the epigastric region (below the breast bone) or a sensation of a lump or soreness in the area or chest pain. Medical diagnosis is vague regarding this, as an energy imbalance cannot be detected in an X-Ray, ultrasound scan or an endoscopy.

Although there are many text books that talk about the commonly discussed 7 chakras, what is not so well known are the additional hidden chakras that have been secret for a very long time. Master Choa Kok Sui has disclosed these additional chakras and through the Pranic Healing techniques, makes use of the properties of the chakras to accelerate the healing rate tremendously.

The degree of our personal power, the quality of our physical, psycho-emotional and mental health, our spiritual development, our success in the material world and in relationships depends on the quality of our energy body - the size, strength, health, brightness and cleanliness of our chakras. The chakras are the gateways to states of Higher Consciousness.

This is the energy body of an average person. It is dirty and clouded with toxins, negative emotions and thoughts. This contamination has a cumulative adverse effect on well being at all levels and retards success and personal power. What are the consequences of a dirty energy body?

* Lack of clarity.
* Inadequate self mastery when emotions and thoughts are uncontrolled.
* Poor immunity.
* Chronic health problems.
* Loss of vitality at all levels.
* Premature aging.
* Stress levels are high and there is insufficient control over situations.
* Retarded personal development.
* Lack of material success.
* Recurring patterns of problems in relationships.
* Impediments in the ability to materialize goals.

We are beings of energy, light and power and with proper training and practice can control Destiny itself. The techniques of Pranic Healing , meditation on the Twin Hearts and Arhatic Yoga help us to achieve a strong, healthy and bright energy body.


Enhances Work Skills

* Develops· Memory, concentration & speed: when the chakras spin fast.
* Clarity : when the chakras are clean and bright.
* Leadership qualities & motivational traits: when the chakras are large and strong.
* Creativity and greater productivity: when you can access energy of different frequencies. The more powerful & refined the energy body, the higher the frequencies that can be accessed & the more miraculous the outcomes.
* Effective goal setting: when there is clarity and power.
* Builds stamina for physical and mental work: when the chakras are healthy and strong. Absenteeism is reduced
* Interpersonal relations: when the energy emanations are magnetic and powerful difficulties with associates are resolved easily. You can also reconfigure their energy bodies and dissolve negative energies easily, thus, creating a harmonious and highly productive work environment.
* Effective communication.
* Existing health care skills , as the techniques are incorporated easily into and complement other therapies .

Enhances Academic Performance

* All of the above.
* Intellectual abilities are sharpened and developed.
* Maintains and develops intellectual and physical stamina.

Enhances Sports Performance

* Maintains peak physical , mental and emotional health.
* Develops and maintains peak sports performance.
* Minimizes sports injuries.
* Accelerates recovery from physical trauma.
* Increases strength of force fields.
* Increases resistance to nasty, aggressive behaviour on the sports field.

Enhances Domestic Skills

* Many of the above, including strengthening physical, emotional, mental and psychological resilience and increases social success due to stronger magnetic fields.

Enhances Physical, Mental and Psycho-Emotional Health

* Work and personal stress are managed effectively: when the chakras are cleansed and maintained accumulation of energetic garbage which causes congestion and susceptibility to the ill effects of stress is minimized.
* Builds self esteem and enhances self confidence: when the EM field is powerful and bright.
* Maintains all the energy centers, ensuring peak health.

Healing Applications of the Techniques

* Healing the physical-etheric body. Excellent for first aid.
* Relationship healing.
* Financial healing.
* Healing problematic aspects of one's life such as stress.
* Self mastery and being in control of situations.

For more information, visit:
gmcks pranic healing

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Pranic Healing
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