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 Fragments of the Self

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PostSubject: Fragments of the Self   Wed Dec 02, 2009 1:31 pm

Full Moon in Gemini, 2009
By Molly Hall, About.com

December 2nd, at 2:30 am EST.

Fragments of the Self

This Full Moon is the peak of the lunation that began in the cavernous soul depths of Scorpio. From that powerful New Moon in the sign of death and rebirth, now comes the shattering climax in Gemini. It's a light shining on what's been pulled from the psychic roots, and then a scattering to the four winds. After the plunge, it's time to mix it up with others. It's a nervous, jittery, very socially active Full Moon.

What's illuminated at this Full Moon in Gemini are the many sides of the self. Under a quixotic Moon, we discover how changeable we are, and can enjoy the freedom of that. We see into the dark, and have heavy moments, but now it's time for lightness. Mutable Gemini reminds us not to grasp too tightly to one view of ourselves or a situation. That the mind plays tricks on us, and there's always another angle to see from. Or something clicks into place, and everything changes.

The Sun and Venus are in Sagittarius, opposite to the Moon. What's picked up instinctively by the Gemini Full Moon's receptive antennae, can be little triggers for growth. One theme is learning both by what we hear or read (Gemini) and what we experience (Sagittarius). With Venus close by, we're inspired to share the learning journey with others.

Grace Under Pressure

This Full Moon is a celebration of our ability to adapt to a world in the midst of a chaotic change. Take note of what you're fascinated by, the serendipities, the people passing through your life....there may be a thread of inspiration to follow that gives you some sense of continuity.

The Sabian Symbol for 10 degrees Gemini is Aeroplane, after a nose-dive, rights itself gracefully. Capacity to plunge into experience without surendering one's principles or self-control*. The meaning I take for this Full Moon, is that even in the midst of dizzying change, we can keep our integrity in tact. We don't have to compromise our values, or give up in the face of chaotic events.

To stabilize our racing thoughts, the Moon in air sign Gemini is trine to Saturn in Libra. This keeps us from spinning out of control. Saturn's influence steers us toward discovering a purpose for all the little flashes of insight we're having. Use what you gather to initiate something. It might lead to initiating a conversation, a business idea or speaking up for a cause.

Adapting to Major Change

Use this Full Moon to tap into your natural flexibility to adapt to change. The Saturn-Pluto square is in effect, and may alter your foundation without notice. The loose hold on fixed reality, of these two signs -- Gemini and Sagittarius -- are teachers now. They show us how to be light on our feet, and keep our humor. They show us how to bend, not break, when faced with shocking change.


Some crazy things could spill forth on the Full Moon. Mercury is in honest Sagittarius and in a square to bustin' out Uranus. Sagittarius brings us kernals of inspired truth. It may be searing or shocking. But it goes straight to the heart of how you really feel.

These kinds of outbursts can be liberating, suddenly freeing you to live with more emotional integrity. If they come fast and furious, keep a journal close by to record your thoughts. Also, watch for dreams for imagery that offers guidance on how to move forward or free yourself in some way.

Your Lucky Color

Adding to the excitement, is the high vitality of Mars (Leo) in trine to the Sun. This brings together the personal drive to create, with the spirit of adventure. It's a great time to rekindle passions that make you come alive. What sparks you? Try making a collage with images of your action-heroine/hero self, living an inspired life. Ask for revelations that point you in the right direction, to live your life's calling.

Sharing Your Uniqueness with Others

A key theme of our time is to heal from emotional-spiritual isolation, and quickly come together to share our gifts. The essence is unearthed now, and we move toward more authenticity. It's time to get real. Mars in Leo is a firestarter to rediscover your one true thing. It's the motivation to go toward making your mark. A clue to finding that one true thing is asking yourself what you'd like to be famous for.

The pull of Jupiter-Neptune in Aquarius, in opposition to Mars (Leo), is to living your passion as a gift to humanity. That makes this a special time to re-align with your true purpose. Follow the natural curiosity that's aroused by the lit up Gemini-Sagittarius axis to find your way on the path.

*Source: The Astrology of Personality, Dane Rudhyar.

Jungian astrologer Cathy Pagano writes,
"Do we use our remarkable creativity and imagination to keep the old king propped up, or do we let him die so new life and a new philosophy about life can emerge?"
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Fragments of the Self
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