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 The Bulls-Eye of Summer, 2010

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PostSubject: The Bulls-Eye of Summer, 2010   Fri Oct 23, 2009 2:26 pm

The Bulls-Eye of Summer, 2010
Wednesday October 21, 2009

There's a famous quote by J.P. Morgan that "Millionaires don't use Astrology, billionaires do." And one of the big Wall Street astrologers that billionaires turn to is Arch Crawford of Crawford Perspectives. He told George Ure of Urban Survival that late July, early August of 2010, looks ominous. "Well, when something is worse than the Revolutionary War, World War I, the Great Depression, and World War II, that's bad - it's the worst I've seen the charts in over 200 years."

The aspects of summer 2010, with Uranus (revolution) in a provoking square to Pluto (death and rebirth) have astrologers speaking in cautionary tones. In her article on the Cardinal Cross Years of 2010 to 2012, Jessica Murray sees next summer's formation as a evolutionary "bulls-eye." While many planets are engaged, the biggie epoch shapers Uranus and Pluto are set to rekindle their explosive relationship. It's the next phase of what began when they were conjunct in the mid to late sixties.

When Pluto and Uranus came together in Virgo, there was a quickening of social change. Young people (the hippies) were compelled by a force greater than themselves, to change their world. This time around, the biggies are in cardinal signs, and in a square, which foretells fiery breakthroughs that alter the social landscape. The rebellion and ingenuity (Uranus) comes from the fresh, youthful, innocent and highly energized current of Aries. This may also bring violence, as its thrusts forward can be harsh or blind to the repercussions. It meets with Pluto's deep-purge of corrupted institutions (Capricorn), or dead paradigms we cling to. Like people say about the upheavals of the sixties, it might just feel like the end of the world.

So looking ahead to these challenges, on this last day of the Sun in Libra, how we can use this time to consider the Big Picture? In this relative calm, how we can work on our own imbalances, so we can face what's ahead on steadier ground? We can start by knowing ourselves, and what sets us off. And doing things that make us feel stronger in every way (mind, body, spirit) in preparation for challenges ahead.

•Tips for Adapting to Change
•Apocalypse "Unveiling" Tips
•Stephen Winder on The Pluto-Uranus power generation of the sixties

Dougal Waters

Jungian astrologer Cathy Pagano writes,
"Do we use our remarkable creativity and imagination to keep the old king propped up, or do we let him die so new life and a new philosophy about life can emerge?"
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The Bulls-Eye of Summer, 2010
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