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 Talking With Susan Miller

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PostSubject: Talking With Susan Miller   Wed Oct 07, 2009 3:54 pm

Talking With Susan Miller

Thursday October 1, 2009

I chatted with Susan Miller of Astrology Zone yesterday, and soon we're going to offer a follow-up to her September predictions. Looking back, we remarked that those with significant mutable sign planets -- Virgo and Pisces especially -- have been through a series of frustrating squeezes. "They've (Virgo-Pisces) been through the meat grinder," says Susan. "And we all experience it too because we are all kind of tied together."

Among the many September doozies, the Saturn-Uranus oppositional shake up has given many Virgo Pisces folks a simultaneous wake up call and door slam. Saturn is giving us all stark signs of what's not working. My multi-planet Virgo husband, Sandor, for example, has wanted to get out of physical labor as a skilled "Tile Man" for a long time. He's also a musician and filmmaker, and wants to do that full time. During the September squeeze, since the housing market is contracted, his phone has stopped ringing for tile/construction jobs. On top of that, his tile saw broke and his body is showing that it's fed up with chronic aches and pains. The New Moon in Virgo (Sept 18th) has been almost like a before/after demarcation. Though things are looking stark in practical terms, he's incredibly inspired and filming a short doc on local musicians. When the doors close, there is a kind of freedom. All you can do is go forward...there's no going back sometimes!

Susan and I also discussed current events, and how they're likely to be intensified when major planets clash in cardinal signs in 2010. Saturn will soon go into Libra, the sign of justice, and we talked about how it could be a counter-force to the in your face corruption. "It's been a free ride for the bankers. A lot of people are making money off the backs of honest people. There should be laws about this," says Susan. And my sense is that the Pluto-Saturn square will activate the Pluto Libra generation (1972 to 1984), getting them riled up to right the wrongs of society.

As two water sign Suns, we were talking in a spirally way, on the emotional waves these currents are creating. She backed up my own sense that self-sufficiency and building a local web of support NOW are crucial for times ahead. She said, "I feel that the government won't be able to help people next year, because they won't have the money. We'll be relying on community groups and churches, which fits with Jupiter in Pisces. It's people helping people in their communities, helping people they know."

Susan sees a light at the end of the tunnel, with next year's Jupiter in Pisces, which will empower many of the random divine flashes and awakenings we're having. "People desperately need hope. And Jupiter is the planet of true miracles and healing, spirituality. I think people will move toward living with an awareness of themselves as divine beings." And the soul turned inside out aspect of Pisces, gives us lots to look forward to, as it draws out new miraculous visions of what life can be. Says Susan, "Jupiter in Pisces is a bit internal and extremely creative, and this is brought out with expansive Jupiter. It's hopeful because until we can envision a better world, we can't build it."

Molly Hall

Jungian astrologer Cathy Pagano writes,
"Do we use our remarkable creativity and imagination to keep the old king propped up, or do we let him die so new life and a new philosophy about life can emerge?"
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Talking With Susan Miller
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