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 Mining The Past For Gold

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PostSubject: Mining The Past For Gold   Wed Oct 07, 2009 3:10 pm

Cosmic Weather Report:

Mining The Past For Gold

Putney, Vermont: October 2009

We had an unusual situation during the last New Moon where the degree the Sun met the Moon at the moment of newness was activated again by Mercury meeting Saturn four days later in the same degree. This repeated activation lends more thematic unity to the current cosmic weather than is normally the case with a New Moon. The degree in question is 26 Virgo.

This degree is about the need to revisit or repeat something from the past in order to strain off the silt and pan out the gold. People you used to know come back again. Ideas you once had are revisited. Patterns you transformed pop up again in some new fashion.

The accent here is on the forward slant. Even though you're involved with something you used to be involved with, this is not a backward-leaning degree. It's about clearing away the karmic entrapment of an old theme, and freeing the real meaning inside.

To get to the gold you must be willing to recognize that it's not pointless for you to get involved with something you used to be involved with. It's not a sign that you're regressing, but that you're being offered an opportunity to grow beyond your stuck places. It's hard to grow beyond stuck places until they come up sufficiently to point out precisely where you need to get unstuck.

Each degree of the zodiac has a frequency all its own. Thirty frequencies, each with its own story to tell, each with its own meaning. The 26 is the ultra-fastest degree of them all. Since the Moon became New in a 26, karma is quickening in order for us to deal with it and accelerate our growth. The Moon holds those gnarly personal issues leftover from childhood, issues of fitting in and standing out, of belonging and feeling left in the cold.
If your current issues of belonging are in the air right now it's because you have an opportunity to clear them. You clear these kinds of issues by being willing to find a new way through very old territory. The old territory is the primal terrain of your inner nature-a complex maze of layers and forces that often hide from the light. It's hard when these issues are triggered, to recognize the opportunity at hand. It's easy to fall for a repeat version of the thing that didn't work right the first time.

But due to the accelerated frequency of the 26, there is enormous momentum to not have to get caught in the old, not have to wallow through it one more time, but glean the lesson and move on.
There's always some positive reason why we get stuck. When you extract that deeper theme from the karmic pattern, the pattern releases. You not only gain freedom in the very place you used to be stuck again and again, but you also gain the ability to help other people through their own karmic stuckage.

When Mercury conjoined Saturn days after the Sun met the Moon, this theme was doubly activated. Mercury coming together with Saturn is the genius attribute. The depth element of Saturn, who provides purpose, and the surface nature of Mercury, who provides freedom, gives us a flexibility we rarely have, in terms of learning the deeper purpose of why we're here.
During this autumn purpose is in the air. The summons is here for you to quit fooling around with things that no longer serve. You have an opportunity to grow beyond your stuck places. If you seem to be in them one more time, then you haven't sifted the dirt long enough to get to the gold. Keep sifting and you'll be surprised at how fast you can make it all the way through right now.

Who are you really? What are you here to do? How much longer are you going to wait?

Jungian astrologer Cathy Pagano writes,
"Do we use our remarkable creativity and imagination to keep the old king propped up, or do we let him die so new life and a new philosophy about life can emerge?"
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Mining The Past For Gold
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